Role of Navy | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Role of Navy | Best NAVY Coaching in Lucknow

Role of Navy | Best NAVY Coaching in Lucknow

The full range of operations in which a nation’s naval forces may be involved is vast, ranging from high-intensity warfighting at one end to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations at the other. This broad continuum of operations can be broken down into distinct roles, each demanding a specific approach to the conduct of operations.

Accordingly, the four main roles envisaged for the Indian Navy are as follows:-




The essence of all navies is their military character. In fact, the raison d’etre of navies is to ensure that no hostile maritime power degrades its own national security and interests. The navy’s military role is characterized by threat or use of force at and/or from the sea. This includes the application of maritime power in both – offensive operations against enemy forces, territory, and trade, and defensive operations to protect own forces, territory, and trade. The military role is performed through the accomplishment of specific military objectives, missions, and tasks. #Role of Navy

Type Of 3 Roles

  • Objectives
  • Missions
  • Tasks


  • Deterrence against conflict and coercion
  • Decisive military victory in case of war
  • Defence of India’s territorial integrity, citizens, and off-shore assets from the seaborne threat
  • Influence affairs on land
  • Safeguard India’s mercantile marine and maritime trade
  • Safeguard India’s national interests and maritime security #Role of Navy


  • Nuclear second strike
  • Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)
  • Sea Control
  • Sea Denial
  • Blockade
  • Power Projection
  • Force Protection
  • Expeditionary Operations
  • Compliance
  • Destruction
  • Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC) Interdiction
  • SLOC Protection
  • Special Force Operations
  • Seaward Defense
  • Coastal and Offshore Defence
  • Naval Co-operation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) Operations


  • Surveillance
  • Maritime Strike
  • Anti-Submarine Operations
  • Anti-Surface Operations
  • Anti-Air Operations
  • Amphibious Operations
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Information Operations
  • Information Exchange
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Mine Warfare
  • Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS)
  • Harbour Defence
  • NCAGS and Naval Coastal Security (NCS) Operations
  • Protection of Offshore Assets #Role of Navy

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