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Warriors Defence Academy is the best AFCAT coaching in Lucknow with experienced faculty and personalized attention, they provide comprehensive training to help aspirants excel in the AFCAT exam.

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AFCAT Exam Preparation

Best AFCAT Coaching Institute in Lucknow, India

Warriors Defence Academy is an institute for the best AFCAT coaching in Lucknow. Offering comprehensive preparation for various defence exams including NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Army, Air Force, and Navy, the Warriors Defence academy prides itself on its modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities. 

With a dedicated focus on providing aspirants with the best tools and support to excel in the AFCAT Exam, the academy boasts a team of highly experienced faculty members who possess profound knowledge of the AFCAT syllabus, examination pattern, and selection process. 

The academy’s teaching methodologies are highly effective, complemented by smart classrooms designed to cater specifically to AFCAT aspirants’ needs. Moreover, with the largest GTO Ground in India, the academy offers ample opportunities for practical training and skill enhancement. 

Guided by ex-Defence Officers, students not only receive academic guidance but also gain valuable insights into the life and challenges of a Defence Officer. Recognized as the Best AFCAT Academy in Lucknow, Warriors Defence Academy continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, making it the preferred choice for aspirants seeking quality AFCAT coaching.

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    Why Warriors’ Defence Academy is the leading AFCAT Coaching for AFCAT Training in India:

    Warriors Defence Academy proudly holds the title for the highest selection rate in India among defence exam coaching institutes. Recognized by the Education Council of India, the academy has received accolades for its consistent excellence and remarkable success in the AFCAT exam.

    Enrolling in Warriors Defence Academy offers numerous advantages, including structured guidance, individualized attention, and a competitive atmosphere conducive to optimal preparation. Students benefit from expert advice, tailored tips, and effective strategies aimed at enhancing their performance and maximizing their likelihood of success in the AFCAT examination.

    Warriors Defence Academy is equipped with modern smart classrooms that feature interactive panels and state-of-the-art equipment, providing an enhanced learning experience for students.

    Warriors Defence Academy offers a comprehensive School + Academic Classes + AFCAT Coaching program, providing students with a holistic preparation right from the start. The classes are carefully structured to instill the essential personality traits required for aspiring officers.

    Warriors Defence Academy offers aspirants the chance to cultivate their dynamic nature. In addition to regular sports sessions, students have the opportunity to participate in the ANNUAL SPORTS EVENT held at the NATIONAL LEVEL, fostering confidence and sportsmanship.

    Cultural and extracurricular activities play a vital role in uncovering an aspirant’s hidden talents. Warriors Defence Academy offers opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals, excelling in various aspects of life and fostering multidimensional growth.

    At Warriors Defence Academy, the significance of mental and emotional well-being is given equal importance alongside physical health. Director Mr. GULAB SINGH SIR personally provides counseling and guidance to aspirants, imparting valuable teachings round the clock. He ensures his availability and accessibility to support the aspirants comprehensively.

    Warriors Defence Academy features the best team of former defence officers for personality development. The elite officer team’s mission is to develop the kids into potential officers and true warriors for the nation.

    Warriors Defence Academy boasts the highest selection rate across various entry schemes of the Armed Forces. As a result, it maintains a substantial fleet of newly commissioned officers who regularly interact with aspirants. These officers provide invaluable insights into the current requirements and expectations of the Armed Forces, keeping students updated on the latest modifications.

    Apart from the syllabus of NDA extra efforts are put for the best performance in school curriculum. Director Sir himself deals with the section of Maths and this hard work produces good grades in the curriculum as well.

    Over the past several years, Warriors Defence Academy has consistently produced rankers from various training institutes of the Indian Armed Forces. Notably, Lt. Gaurav Yadav, recipient of the President’s Gold Medal (NDA) and the President’s Gold Medal and Sword of Honor (IMA), is an esteemed alumnus of the Warriors Defence Academy.

    Warriors Defence Academy boasts the most extensive and esteemed panel of ex-assessors dedicated to training aspirants for both the SSB interview and written exam. Led by distinguished individuals such as LT. GEN DUSYANT SINGH (PVSM, AVSM), COL R K TEWARI (EX GTO AND PSYCHOLOGIST), COMMANDER SUDARSHAN CHAKRAPANI (EX IO), COMMANDANT YOGESH DATTA (EX PSYCHOLOGIST), COMMANDER TLP BABU (EX GTO), and COL VIJAY CHAUHAN (EX MEDICAL OFFICER), this panel ensures top-notch guidance and mentorship for aspirants aiming to excel in their defence examinations.

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Nationality

    To apply for AFCAT positions within the Indian Air Force, candidates must hold Indian citizenship. Individuals with foreign nationality are not eligible to apply for Class-I Gazetted Officers positions in Flying and Ground Duties (Technical and Non-Technical). Please note that the evaluation process will consider the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955.

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Age Limit

    The AFCAT pays close attention to age limits and carefully reviews all candidate documents during verification. Read on to learn all about the age criteria for AFCAT eligibility.

    Entry Type

    Age Limit

    Born Between

    AFCAT for Flying Branch

    20 to 24 years

    02 Jan 2000 to 01 Jan 2004

    NCC Special Entry

    20 to 24 years

    02 Jan 2000 to 01 Jan 2004

    AFCAT and NCC Special Entry for Flying Branch with valid Commercial Pilot License

    Up to 26 years

    02 Jan 1998 to 01 Jan 2004


    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Marital Status

    Candidates must be unmarried at the beginning of the course. It should be noted that marriage is prohibited during the training period. Any candidate who marries during training will be disqualified and expected to reimburse all expenses incurred by the government on their behalf.

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Attempts

    Candidates within the age group of 20 to 26 years can make multiple attempts. AFCAT is conducted biannually, allowing for a maximum of 16 attempts: two attempts per year for AFCAT (total 8 attempts) and two attempts per year overall.

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Education Qualifications


    Educational Qualification

    Flying Branch

    • Passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks each in Mathematics and Physics. 
    • Graduated with a minimum three-year degree course from a recognized University with at least 60% marks, or equivalent, in any discipline. 
    • Obtained a BE/B Tech degree (four years course) from a recognized University with at least 60% marks or equivalent. 
    • Cleared Section A & B examinations of the Associate Membership of the Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent.

    Ground Duty (Technical)

    Aeronautical Engineering Electronics:

    Minimum 50% marks in Physics and Mathematics at the 10+2 level, along with a four-year degree in Engineering/Technology from a recognized university. Alternatively, they should have cleared Sections A and B exams of the

    • Associate Membership of the Institution of Engineers (India)


    • Aeronautical Society of India


    • The Graduate Membership Exam of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in relevant disciplines. 

    Aeronautical Engineer (Mechanical) {AE (M)}

    Minimum 50% marks in Physics and Mathematics at the 10+2 level, along with a four-year degree in Engineering/Technology from a recognized university. Alternatively, they should have cleared Sections A and B exams of the 

    • Associate Membership of the Institution of Engineers (India) 


    • Aeronautical Society of India with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in relevant disciplines.

    Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

    Weapon System Branch: Passed 10+2 with 50% marks in Mathematics and Physics and hold a minimum 3+2 degree with 60% marks. 

    Administration: A minimum of 10+2 and a Graduate Degree in a recognized discipline with 60% marks or equivalent, or cleared Section A & B examinations. 

    Accounts: Candidates should have passed 10+2 with 60% marks in B.Com, BBA, MBA, or hold a qualified CA/CMA/CS/CFA. 

    Education: Candidates need 10+2 with 50% marks in all disciplines, including Post-Graduation, and 60% marks in graduation.


    Passed 10+2 and B.Sc. with Mathematics & Physics with a minimum of 60% marks, or hold a four-year Graduation degree in Engineering & Technology discipline with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

    AFCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 - Physical and Medical Requirements

    Candidates should ensure they are physically fit upon reporting for the SSB to undergo tests at AFSB. This section outlines AFCAT Exam Eligibility for both male and female candidates.

    • Candidates should aim to achieve the ability to run 1 mile (1.6 km) in 10 minutes, perform 10 pushups, and complete 3 chin-ups.
    • It is advisable for candidates to maintain good physical condition to adapt to rigorous physical training at AFA, which includes swimming, rope climbing, running, and various other forms of physical training.
    • Candidates will undergo mandatory tests during training, including other forms of physical training.
    Height and Weight Eligibility Criteria for AFCAT Male Candidates

    To understand the height and weight criteria for male candidates in AFCAT eligibility for the AFCAT exam 2024, please refer to the table below. These requirements are determined based on age limits and will be evaluated during the later stages of the examination.

    Height and Weight Eligibility Criteria for AFCAT Female Candidates

    Check the table below to find out the height and weight needed for female candidates in the AFCAT exam 2024. We’ve set the height and weight range for AFCAT female candidates based on age limits. These criteria will be checked during later stages of the exam.

    AFCAT Eligbility Criteria 2024: Visual Standards

    Visual Standards are a critical factor in physical measurements for Air Force service. Perfect vision is essential for candidates aspiring to serve in the Air Force. Different visual standards are set by the authority for candidates applying to the Flying Branch and Ground Duty roles. The table below specifies the minimum eyesight requirements for candidates in these branches. Candidates who do not meet these standards will not be permitted to proceed further in the selection process.

    AFCAT Selection Process 2024

    In addition to meeting AFCAT exam eligibility criteria, candidates must understand the selection process, which comprises the following stages:

    1. Online Test: This phase involves objective type questions and is divided into AFCAT and EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) sections. AFCAT assesses general awareness, verbal ability, numerical ability, and reasoning, while EKT evaluates technical knowledge in respective disciplines.
    2. AFSB Interview: The second stage entails the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) interview, which includes Psychological Tests, Group Tests, and Interviews. The purpose is to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the Air Force and their potential as officers.
    3. Medical Examination: The third stage involves a medical examination for candidates who clear the AFSB interview. It ensures that candidates are physically and mentally fit to serve as officers in the Indian Air Force.
    4. Final Merit List: The final selection is based on candidates’ performance across all three stages. A merit list is prepared, considering overall performance, and candidates are selected based on available vacancies.

    The AFCAT Selection Process is demanding, requiring thorough preparation for the online test and AFSB interview. Candidates must also meet eligibility criteria and ensure they are physically and mentally capable of serving as Air Force officers.


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