Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Top NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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Warriors Defence Academy | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow | Best Airforce Coaching in Lucknow | Best Defence Coaching in Lucknow India | Top NDA Coaching in India

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Phone: 07081011964

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ARMY | Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

A/24 Brig BS ChimniA/83 Col DS SukarchakiaA/158 Maj Awtar S Bawa
A/26 Lt Col Ashok DattaA/84 Lt Col YR RatraA/159 Maj Balraj Singh
A/27 Maj Indu PrakashA/88 Maj AA FrancisA/160 LtCol RS Bhagat
A/28 Brig SK Dey, AVSMA/90 Brig UK SaxenaA/161 Lt Col NR Purandere
A/29 Maj Gen LB SondhiA/91 Capt JM SabharwalA/162 PK Col Kaul VSM
A/33 Col BK LaroiaA/92 Maj AK MisraA/163 Lt Col Sultan Mal Charupa
A/35 Brig RS NandalA/93 Maj Kuldip SinghA/164 Maj JS Sekhon
A/36 Brig Shivaji SableA/94 Capt MP SinghA/165 Brig NS Khera
A/37 Maj Gen John Verghese, AVSMA/96 Maj JS MalikA/182 Maj Gen TV Manoharan
A/38 Maj HS BhagatA/97 Col SK LambaA/186 Lt Col PC Dubey
A/39 Lt Col AK ShivpuriA/99 Maj Madanjit S SandhuA/191 Brig Jagjit Singh
A/40 Lt Gen Ashok Manglik, PVSM, SMA/100 Lt Col Sharwan Kumar
A/41 Brig KD Issar, AVSMA/101 Capt RJS Sekhon
A/42 Col Padamjit SinghA/104 Maj RK Ohri
A/43 Lt Surender SinghA/109 Maj RK Bhatia
A/45 Col Onkar SinghA/110 Brig Pratap Dattatreya
A/47 Brig DP NayarA/112 Maj Gyan Chandra Gupta
A/48 Lt Gen Gurinder Singh, PVSM, AVSMA/113 Capt SP Tandon
A/49 Maj Gen LP SharmaA/114 Lt Col YP Malhotra
A/50 Lt Gen KLK SinghA/116 2/Lt Bhag Singh Bal
A/52 Maj Gen GP TripathiA/117 Lt Col JM Thapar
A/53 Lt Col AN SapruA/121 Brig RS Thapar
A/55 Brig BP BhandariA/124 Lt Col Gabbar G Singh
A/58 Lt Col Bairagi MisraA/125 Maj Gen KS Pannu, MVC
A/60 Brig RK ShahaniA/127 Col GC Muthanna
A/61 Maj Gen PL KukretiA/129 Maj Gen BM Tewari
A/63 Lt Col PK DuttaA/132 Brig NC Mehra
A/65 Lt Col AK LahiriA/136 Lt Col Sukhbir S Garewal
A/66 Maj Gen Nirmal SondhiA/137 Lt Gen Hanut Singh, PVSM, MVC
A/67 Col IM SharmaA/138 Lt Col Balwant Singh
A/68 Col VSDR KhanvilkarA/140 Maj Gen Y Pratap
A/71 Maj Pratap SinghA/142 Maj Gen Govind Kapur
A/72 Capt Ravi KhannaA/144 Lt Col SB Banerjee
A/73 Maj Gen JP GuptaA/148 Col JD Katkar
A/77 Lt Col ML KumarA/150 Col Amrik Singh Malhi
A/78 Col AC MohanA/151 Col Shamsher Singh
A/79 Col JS BhaduriaA/152 Maj Gen SS Shukul
A/80 Maj CL ChawlaA/153 Lt Gen RM Vohra, PVSM, MVC
A/81 Maj SC MalikA/154 DS Shekhawat, AVSM
A/82 Lt Gen AS Bhullar, PVSM, AVSMA/156 Maj Anthony M Archer
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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NAVY | Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

A/1 Cdr Dilip Kumar GhoshA/6 V Adm JN Shukul, PVSM, AVSMA/15 Cmde UC Tripathi
A/2 Capt Mahendra PratapA/7 V Adm RP Sawhney, PVSMA/16 V Adm Subhash Chopra, PVSM, AVSM, NM
A/3 Cdr RS Grewal, Vrc, NMA/8 Capt SK SharmaA/18 V Adm SBN Singh, PVSM, AVSM
A/4 Cdr Reggie GulatiA/9 R Adm MN VasudevaA/22 Cdr HD Madhok
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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AIR FORCE | Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

A/172 Gp Capt PJ JakadarA/176 Wg Cdr CL GuptaA/180 Gp Capt Dalbir Yadav
A/173 Gp Capt KC MisraA/177 Wg Cdr JC VermaA/183 Flg Offr BRS Bindra
A/174 Pilot Offr S BalasubramanianA/178 Flg Offr M MukherjeeA/185 Flg Offr Amitava Lahiri
A/175 Sqn Ldr Shib Charan SinghA/179 Air Cmde PD DograA/187 Wg Cdr Sunandan Roy
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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The present-day, National Defence Academy (NDA) started as Joint Services Wing (JSW) in Clement Town, near Dehradun in Jan 1949, when cadets of the 1st Course (The Pioneers) reported and their training commenced. It needs to be remembered that India had gained Independence from the British on 15 Aug 1947, as a result of long Independence struggle. There were serious communal riots, as a result of Partition of Punjab and Bengal. As a consequence, there were lacs of refugees. A few of them got selected for the 1st JSW Course. #Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Also the 2nd WW had ended in Sep 1945. Large number of then serving officers had war time experience and there was still some British hangover. A few British Army Drill Sgts and Sgt Maj as also a few Sgts for PT were brought from England for some years in JSW.

The Course comprised of 25 Naval cadets, 145 Army and 21 Air Force cadets. Out of them four changed Service and about 18 did not get commission/left IMA/Air Force Academy. The training at JSW was for two years, followed by service specific training at IMA Dehradun for Army cadets, flying/navigation training at the Air Force Academy for Air Force cadets and training for the lucky Naval cadets in England. By the time, the 1st Course passed out from JSW in Dec 1950, word had spread that JSW Cadets were a special lot. Even the Naval cadets earned a very good name in England. #Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

During their service, as they rose in rank, held key appointments and shouldered enhanced responsibilities, 1st JSW Course officers made their mark, till they retired in the 1980s and early 1990s. During various wars also they stood out and were bestowed with a number of high bravery awards. Inter Service cooperation blossomed among coursemates and percolated down to NDA cadets of subsequent courses, which was the primary aim of training cadets of the three services together in their formative years. #Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

The cadets of the 1st JSW Course held coveted appointments like Corps and Fleet, Commanders, Commanders of Army, Naval and Air Force Commands, Heads of Arms, Services and Branches, Chiefs of Staff and senior most staff appointments at New Delhi. For the first time, Chiefs of the Army Staff (Gen SF Rodrigues), Chief of Naval Staff (Admiral Ramdas) and Chief of Air Staff (Air Chief Marshal NC Suri) were from the same course, during 1990-92! A great honour, for any course, anywhere in the world. #Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

The professionalism and good performance of the Course during Service can be gauged from the senior appointments held during the Service period and honour and awards received.

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Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow | Warriors Defence Academy | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

BRAVERY AWARDS – Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Top NDA Coaching in India | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow | Warriors Defence Academy | Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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1. LT COL (Later MAJ GEN) KS PANNU, 1971 WAR While commanding 2 PARA, he displayed conspicuous gallantry, exemplary leadership, determination and devotion to duty when the Battalion was Para Dropped at Tangail, then E Pakistan on Night 11 Dec 1971, in order to cut off withdrawal of the Enemy. The Battalion was scattered over a large area, Lt Col Pannu speedily gained command and control, captured the objective and advanced towards Dacca.

2. LT COL (Later Lt Gen) RM VOHRA, 1971 WAR While commanding 4 Horse, he displayed conspicuous gallantry and inspiring leadership in the operations in Shakargarh Sector Particularly Battle of Basantar. 4 Horse spearheaded the advance thru minefields. Lt Col Vohra moved well forward and his inspiring leadership motivated his command. The Regiment stood fast against repeated enemy tank attacks and destroyed 27 tanks.

3. LT COL (Later Lt Gen) HANUT SINGH, 1971 WAR Lt Col Hanut Singh commanded 17 (Poona Horse) during the Battle of Basantar in Shakargarh Sector during 1971 War. On 16 Dec 1971, Poona Horse was inducted into the bridgehead through minefields and the enemy launched desperate counter attacks. In his calm and assured manner Hanut moved from one threatened sector to the other, disregarding his personal safety, which inspired his officers and men. The Regiment took heavy toll of enemy armour and stood its ground. So much so that the enemy started to call Poona Horse” FAKHR-E HIND (Pride of India)!

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1. COMMANDER (Later Admiral) LN RAMDAS, 1971 WAR During the operation against E Pakistan, he was the Commanding Officer of a Unit of the Eastern Fleet. His Unit carried out continuous probes into enemy harbours, in mined waters and against submarine threat. During one of the sorties, an enemy submarine was sighted. He attacked the submarine repeatedly, which possibly resulted in its destruction and damage to it. Throughout, Commander LN Ramdas displayed gallantry, leadership and devotion to duty.

2. COMMANDER (Later Captain) RS Grewal, 1971 WAR Commander RS Grewal was the Commander-in-Charge of all flying operations from Indian Aircraft Carrier VIKRANT, which was part of the Eastern Fleet during 1971 War. The wind conditions off E Pakistan were such that these made the take offs from VIKRANT very difficult. However, Commander Grewal continued to fly off fighter/bomber/anti-submarine aircraft from the Ship. It was largely due to him that his aircraft which had been shot by enemy anti-aircraft fire was recovered, despite extremely difficult wind conditions for recovery. Throughout, Commander RS Grewal displayed gallantry, leadership and professional skill of a high order.

INDUCTION OF LADY OFFICERS IN THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES The three Chiefs from the 1st JSW Course (Gen SF Rodrigues, Admiral Ramdas and Air Chief Marshal NC Suri) are the ones, who In 1991-92 took the decision to induct Women Officers in the Armed Forces, in various Branches. Rest is History as they say! Now in 2020, Women Officers are serving in the Army (except Infantry, Armd Corps and Artillery), in the Navy and in the Air Force, even flying latest Fighter aircraft, in addition to piloting large transport planes and helicopters.


We are the Children of NDA, By Commander R N Gulati

In Jan 49 joined the two hundred,
In Clement Town, all their khakis laundered,
Eventually in other colours too,
Like white and blue,
We are the children of NDA.

We dug many a flower bed,
We trod on newly made quarter deck,
We shined our boots light,
We scrubbed our faces bright,
We are the children of NDA.

They drilled us till our legs were blue,
They schooled us till our eyes became red in hue,
They patti-paraded us till our limbs ached,
They molded us again and again till we were made,
We are the children of NDA.

To Kashmir in summer we went,
To Minicoy in slumber we were sent,
To wings you take, said the boss,
During the break it was,
We are the children of NDA.

We did many naughty things,
Smoked, missed classes, shamming, and had other flings,
Went to areas out of bounds,
Some time we acted as clowns,
We are the children of NDA.

They said JSW was our name,
Changed to AFA, they said it was same,
To give it yet another name,
Was it a game?
Yes, NDA it finally became,
We are the children of NDA.

Professionally we were very sound,
Again and again we did NDA and the Nation proud,
In games and sports the first position we often found,
All have said, the finest was the First course,
Humbly we should accept this verdict of course,
We are the children of NDA.

We did long stints in forces,
In the Army, Navy and Air Forces,
Became Generals, Admirals and Air Marshalls,
Fought bravely in many wars,
Till our chests were full with medals, stars and bars,
We are the children of NDA.

Now that our hair has greyed,
Hearing faded, eyes dimmed and collars frayed,
We look out for new buds,
Green bushes and fresh bloods,
To carry on the tradition,
Of ‘Alma mater’ in all situation,
We are the children of NDA.

Here’s to you Putsy, Didar, Chops and Harry,
Here’s to you Vijay, Dovedy, Ravi and Garry,
Here’s to you Tich, Nimmi, Ramu and Roddy,
Here’s to the rest of the unnamed majority,
We are the children of NDA.

Here’s to the ladies behind all these men,
Here’s to those who are in bloomin’ Heaven,
Here’s to all who taught, guided and us disciplined,
Here’s to NDA and generations to come,
We clink our glasses and raise a toast,
It is not an empty boast,
We are the children of NDA,
Long live the NDA.