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All about the Indian Army's New Combat Uniform

All about the Indian Army’s New Combat Uniform

The Indian Army will receive a new combat uniform with a ‘digital disruptive’ pattern in the near future. The new uniform will be unveiled at the Indian Army Day parade on 15th January 2021. The new uniform for the Indian Army is presumed to be more durable and comfortable in both summer & winter. It is expected to be lighter & more environmentally friendly. It would make the army personnel feel more at ease. The new uniform is expected to be worn by the Indian Army beginning next year.

A military uniform is a type of uniform worn by members of several nations’ armed forces & paramilitaries. Uniforms are an essential component of #military service. #Uniforms are worn by soldiers to help them identify with their fellow soldiers & their mission. Their uniforms also provide significant protection and, in some cases, camouflage to assist them in performing their duties. In this article, we will look briefly at the new combat uniform for the #Indian Army, its special features, when it will be revealed, why the Indian Army require a new uniform. This article will clear all your doubts regarding the new uniform of the Indian Army.

Indian Army New Combat Uniform

Indian Army New Combat Uniform

The Indian Army is set to unveil a new combat uniform for its rank & file on 15th January, which will be displayed at the Army Day parade. According to a defence source, the new digital pattern camouflage will be lighter, more climate-friendly, as well as suitable for the Army’s varied terrain. The regular uniform will also undergo some changes. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s Liberation War, the Army’s marching contingents would also display uniforms as well as weapons from previous wars.

Top 5 Things to know about the Indian army’s new combat uniform:

The pattern on the new camouflage uniform will be ‘digital disruptive.’

The Indian Army’s new uniform is said to have been finalised after extensive discussions & analysis of military uniforms from various countries.

The new uniform will be more comfortable & durable in all seasons, including summers & winters.

The #Indian Army uniform will be a combination of olive & earthen colours.

The new uniform has been designed with aspects such as troop deployment areas as well as climatic conditions in mind.

When will the new uniform for the Indian Army be unveiled?

The Indian Army’s new uniform will be introduced during Army Day celebrations in January 2022. One of the contingents will wear the new digital pattern combat dress during the Army Day parade. Other contingents in the Army Day parade would be dressed in combat uniforms similar to those worn by the Indian Army in the past.

What is the significance of the Indian Army’s new uniform?

According to officials, the decision to introduce a new combat uniform for the #Indian Army was made at the recent Army Commanders’ Conference. The camouflage uniforms will be completely different from the current attire. Last year, the #Indian Navy also introduced a new camouflage uniform.

The Army is also considering changing its standard uniform

The #Army is also in the process of replacing its standard olive uniform. Moreover, no final decision has been made. According to the sources, one of the ideas is to wear different coloured pants and shirts. According to sources, the new combat uniform will be made of “lighter but sturdy material” and will also be suitable for both summer & winter wear.

They also stated that, unlike the present style, there will be no tucking in of shirts under the new uniform. “The uniform was chosen with the soldier’s comfort in combat in mind,” a source said, adding that the need to modify the uniform has been felt for a long time, with modern warfare in mind. Furthermore, the uniforms of various central #armed police forces, state police, and now even insurgents in the northeast had begun to resemble one another

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