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SSB Interview Process

SSB Interviews | Best Defence Coaching in Lucknow | Top Defence Coaching in Lucknow

Services Selection Board Interview (SSB Interviews), also called as “Intelligence and Personality test” is conducted by SSB Board, Ministry of Defence. Those who clear the first stage (Either CDS or NDA) have to undergo SSB interviews, spread over a period of 5 days.

This stage comprises two sub-stages.


Stage one selection system includes the following:-

  1. Intelligence Test (verbal and non verbal).
  2. Picture Perception and Description Test Picture is flashed for 30 seconds. The candidates have to broadly note down seven basic parameters viz number of characters, age, gender, mood, action relating to past, present and future for each character in one minute. Time for story writing is four minutes.
  3. Discussion of the picture – 30 Minutes In this phase batch is divided into different groups. Strength of group is around 15 candidates. Each candidate narrates his individual written story verbatim. Subsequently, in Part-II all the candidates have to discuss amongst themselves and achieve a common consensus about the characters and theme of the story.

After all candidates have undergone stage one. The results for stage one testing are declared. Recommended candidates are retained for stage-II testing and those not recommended are dispatched back.


It comprises psychological tests, group tests, and group tasks. These three tests are conducted on three consecutive days.

  1. Psychological Tests
  2. Group Tests
  3. Group Tasks

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