SSB Interview in English or Hindi – What to Use?

SSB Interview in English or Hindi

SSB Interview in English or Hindi: Are you feeling uncertain about using English or Hindi during the SSB interview process? No need to fret! We’re here to dispel all misconceptions about the use of Hindi in SSB interviews. If you’re seeking clarification on this matter, you’ve likely heard conflicting information about whether Hindi is acceptable in SSB interviews. 

For those who may not be strong in English, understanding the acceptable use of Hindi during the SSB interview is crucial. In this article, Warriors Defence Academy aims to demystify all concerns surrounding the use of Hindi in SSB interviews. Keep reading to discover whether giving an SSB interview in Hindi is feasible. Let’s clear up this confusion. To start first, let’s understand what an SSB interview is.

What is SSB?

SSB, or Services Selection Board, is a place where they pick people to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces. They judge candidates based on their personality, intelligence tests, and interviews.

In SSB, they check a person’s smarts and how they behave. Being good in English isn’t the only thing that matters for your personality. Personality is about how you think, feel, and act. SSB’s main thing is OLQs (Officer Like Qualities). If someone has all 15 OLQs, they’ll get picked.

Understanding Language Use in SSB Interviews

Preferred Language: English

In the world of armed forces and professional fields, English is the main way people talk. In SSB interviews, English is more important than Hindi or other languages. Why? Because it’s a language that most people understand, especially when they come from different places with different languages. So, in SSB, they prefer English for better communication.

Communicating Clearly Matters

The main thing in SSB is to make your ideas clear so that everyone understands. Since people come from all over India with different languages, English helps everyone talk and understand each other better during the interviews. That’s why they use it more.

English in Different SSB Tests

In SSB interviews, there are different tests like PP&DT, SSB Interview GD Discussion, Lecturette, and GPE. These need everyone to talk and work together. English is the language used in these tests. Knowing this helps candidates do better in the evaluations.

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Uniting Candidates with English

People in SSB interviews come from different places with different languages. Some might not speak Hindi or other local languages but are good in English. So, English becomes the common language that helps everyone connect despite their different backgrounds.

Is Important to Speak in English in SSB Interview?

Is Important to Speak in English in SSB Interview
Is Important to Speak in English in SSB Interview

Well, English serves as a global language facilitating communication across diverse regions. Imagine a candidate from the southern part of the country – proficient in English but possibly unfamiliar with Hindi. Similarly, candidates from the North East or other regions may be fluent in their native language, not Hindi. In an SSB interview, these candidates might rely solely on English, facing challenges understanding Hindi-speaking candidates. Impressions count too. Many candidates from rural backgrounds may lack English fluency. However, demonstrating basic English proficiency reflects effort, acknowledged by assessors.

Candidates shouldn’t think that knowing English well is a must for SSB. It’s good if you can, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Plus, your English will get better during training.

Few Tips to Improve English for SSB Interview


  • Read newspapers or novels to make it interesting.
  • When you find new words, underline them, take notes, and learn how to use them.
  • Use these words in writing or when speaking. Try doing this for at least 30 minutes daily.


  • Start writing in English. Writing helps you remember things for the future. It can also improve your handwriting, which is a good thing.
  • Writing down ideas helps find grammar mistakes.
  • If you see a topic, try writing your thoughts about it in English. This helps improve your English control and your thinking skills.


  • Listening helps improve how you say words.
  • Speaking with good pronunciation leaves a good impression.
  • Listening also teaches you how to use words properly.
  • Listen to good speakers, watch English documentaries, songs, movies, etc.
  • Watch movies with subtitles and note any new words. Later, find out what they mean.


  • Speaking combines all the above points. What we read, write, or listen to reflects in how we speak.
  • If we speak English every day, we get better at it.
  • Speaking skills improve by talking about topics, narrating PPDT stories, or discussing lecture topics.
  • Make friends with whom you only talk in English.
  • Don’t worry about people who make fun of your English. Instead, work on improving your skills every day.

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