NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

#NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

UPSC NDA (1) 2023 Written Test Result has been declared by Union Public Service Commission on 30th June 2023. Shortlisted campaigners will now have to prepare for the Interview Round to be held by the Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defence for Admission to Army, Navy and Air Force Bodies of the National Defence Academy for the 147th Course & for the 109th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 2nd January 2022.

NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

So, the campaigners are advised to start their medication for the Interview round to clear the final selection phase of the NDA 2023 Test. For your ease, we’ve collected the most important questions that are generally asked in NDA SSB Interview Round.

NDA Selection | NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

#NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

Top 11 NDA SSB Interview Questions

The Particular Interview Round is the most pivotal stage of the NDA SSB Selection Process. The personality of a seeker is assessed by the Interviewing Officer (IO) through the different types of questions asked on the Personal Life of the campaigners, current affairs, social issues, etc. The canvasser might also ask some tricky questions to test the personality of the campaigners. The key to acing the interview round is to‘ Be Calm and Confident. Don’t horrify with any questions. So, let’s have a look at some important SSB Interview Questions

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NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

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Q1- Tell me a commodity about yourself.

Answer You’re needed to give a brief about yourself, your family and your academic qualification to make the canvasser understand your background.

Q2-Why do you want to join the Defence Forces?

Answer Tell your pretensions and objects while answering this question. The stylish answer to this question would involve the motivating factors that allured you to apply for Defence Forces like leading an active and enthusiastic life, leading a staid life while serving the country, etc. It’ll make a lasting print on the canvasser.

Q3. What are your strengths and sins?

Answer For answering this question actually, do a Geek ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Openings and pitfalls) analysis of yourself. Mention your strength and sins to the canvasser with logical explanations. For illustration, I’ve good social chops as I like to meet new people or I’ve been suitable to develop leadership rates as I was a Prefect in my Academy. Mention the sins that you had before and now you have managed to overcome them with your sweat and fidelity. NDA SSB Interview 2023 Important Questions with Answers

Q4. What rates make you fit for the Indian Armed Forces?

Answer You can answer this question with some exemplifications like your interest in sports, your respect for Indian Fortified Officers; how their chastened & staid life inspires you, etc.

Q5. What if you don’t get named this time?

Answer This question doesn’t mean that you’ll get rejected this time. The canvasser is testing your confidence and sanguinity. Answer this question with a positive and confident reply I would clearly like to get named this time as I’ve put in a lot of trouble. But if I don’t get named this time, I would surely overcome my failings and again apply for the Defence Forces.

Q6. Which was your favourite subject during your Advanced Secondary or 12th?

Answer Tell the name of the subject in which you have the proficiency. The canvasser will ask further questions about your favourite subjects latterly.

Q7. Do you read journals? What do you read?

Answer Tell the names of the journals which you read on a diurnal base. This question helps the canvasser to know your reading habits and your mindfulness regarding the important events being internationally and nationally.

Q8. Who Is the General/ Chief Of the Indian Army, Navy And Air Force?

Answer Campaigners must brush up on their current affairs before NDA SSB Interview Round

  • Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat
  • Chief of the Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane
  • Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria
  • Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh

Q9. How do you spend your spare time?

Answer When answering these kinds of interview questions, give answers that are honest, but that also show that you’re a well-rounded person who’s passionate about particular effects. Avoid answers that make you feel uninteresting or, indeed worse, unhappy.

Q10. Who do you love the most-your father or mama and why?

Answer This is a tricky question that the seeker must answer precisely. Don’t try to be poisoned towards one. But if you choose one, also try to give a compelling answer with a good explanation.

Q11. Do you want to ask me any questions from me?

Answer You can ask an applicable question from the canvasser about the Fortified forces for which you have decided like the Indian Army or Indian Navy or Indian Air Force. This will show that you’re curious to join Indian Defence Forces.

NDA (1) 2023 SSB interview Dates will be blazoned soon. Shortlisted campaigners are needed to appear before a Services Selection Board for Intelligence and Personality Test where campaigners for the Army/ Navy bodies of the NDA and 10 2 Pimp Entry Scheme of the Indian Naval Academy will be assessed on Officers’ Eventuality and those for the Air Force in addition to the below will have to qualify Computerised Pilot Selection System ( CPSS ). Campaigners with the Air Force as one of the choices would also suffer CPSS if they qualify for SSB and are willing.

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