NDA-2 2023 Result Declared: Check Official PDF Here

NDA-2 2023 Result Declared

NDA-2 2023 Result Declared: Check Official PDF Here

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has declared the NDA 2 2023 result on its official website. The NDA 2 2023 written exam for admission to the National Defence Academy took place on 3rd September this year. The UPSC conducted the NDA written exam across various exam centers throughout the country. Candidates who appeared in the NDA 2 2023 written exam on 3rd September can now check their results in the PDF attached below. We have attached the NDA 2 2023 result official PDF in the below section of this article. Read on to learn more about the NDA exam and its selection process.

The NDA-2 2023 Result exam consists of three stages: a written exam, an SSB interview, and a medical exam. Candidates who have qualified for the NDA 2 2023 written exam will now appear for the SSB Interview. Thus, candidates should check their roll number in the NDA-2 2023 Result PDF given below. The written-qualified candidates will now appear for the SSB Interview, which is a 5-day long process and assesses the overall personality of candidates for the armed forces.

NDA-2 2023 Result Declared

Download the NDA-2 2023 Written Result

What next after the NDA-2 2023 result?

Defence aspirants were desperately waiting for the NDA-2 2023 result date, but now the UPSC has declared the most awaited result. After the declaration of the NDA 2 result 2023, candidates now need to register themselves online on joinindianarmy.nic.in within two weeks of the announcement of the written result. After that, the allocation of the selection center and date for the SSB interview would be made. NDA aspirants should keep in mind that the SSB interview is equally important to secure their name in the final merit list. Hence, holistic preparation for the SSB interview is a must to get a recommendation and join the National Defence Academy.

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NDA-2 2023 Result FAQs

When was the NDA-2 2023 written exam held?

The NDA 2 2023 written exam was held on 3rd September.

Where can I check the NDA-2 2023 result?

You can check the NDA-2 2023 result on the official UPSC website.

What are the stages of the NDA exam?

The NDA exam consists of three stages: a written exam, an SSB interview, and a medical exam.

What happens after qualifying for the NDA-2 2023 written exam?

After qualifying for the NDA-2 2023 written exam, the qualified candidates will appear for the 5-day-long SSB Interview.

How should candidates prepare for the SSB Interview?

Holistic preparation for the SSB Interview is essential to assess and improve overall personality.

What is the deadline for online registration after the NDA-2 2023 result announcement?

Candidates must register online on joinindianarmy.nic.in within two weeks of the written result announcement.

How is the selection center and date for the SSB interview allocated?

The selection center and interview date allocation will take place after online registration.

Why is the SSB interview important in the NDA selection process?

The SSB interview assesses a candidate’s overall personality for the armed forces and is crucial for securing a place in the final merit list.

What is the Warriors Defence Academy offering for NDA-2 2023 SSB preparation?

Warriors offer a 21-day SSB program with expert guidance, mock interviews, and access to India’s largest GTO ground.

How can I ensure my recommendation for NDA-2 2023 through the Warriors SSB program?

Joining the Warriors 21-day SSB program can help you prepare comprehensively and increase your chances of recommendation.