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Medium Range Surface to Air Missile

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM)

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile

It is the most advanced sleek missile developed by India in collaboration with Israel. Developed by the joint efforts of Israel Aerospace Industries and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the missile was tested in the presence of Army officials. #Medium Range Surface to Air Missile


The Army version of MRSAM has a strike range of nearly 100 km.

It is a 4.5-meter-long nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

It weighs around 2.7 tonnes and is capable of carrying a payload of 60 kg.

It has a top speed of Mach 2 and can be maneuvered to a high degree at the target interception range.

The launching platform of the MRSAM includes, apart from the missile, a Multi-Functional Surveillance and Threat Alert Radar (MFSTAR) made for the detection, tracking, and guidance of the missile.

What are the uses:

This new version of MRSAM has been developed to seek and destroy airborne targets like jets, missiles, and rockets, including projectiles launched simultaneously. The other versions of the missile have been tested thrice. The trials of the naval version of MRSAM were conducted from the same testing facility in 2016. It was again tested for a user trial from INS Kochi in 2017.

Stand-off Anti-Tank (SANT):

This missile was tested for the first time, last year from a Mi-35 attack helicopter and is a variant of HeliNA ATGM developed to be used from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of the MALE & HALE Class with a similar range of HeliNA.

Cannon-launched Laser Guided Missile (CLGM):

It is developed by DRDO is a semi-active Laser homing cannon-launched missile that can be found from a 120mm main gun of the Arjun Tank. The 5 km range CLGM can target armored vehicles, including Tanks, as well as low-flying aircraft. #Medium Range Surface to Air Missile

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 It is an infantry-launched version of CLGM which requires a tripod launcher and has a range of 6km. CLGM and SAMHO are capable of both direct and indirect laser designation.

Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (MP ATGMs):

This is an Indian third-generation fire-and-forget AGM. It is presently under development by the DRDO in partnership with the Indian defense contractor VEM Technologies Private Limited. The missile is derived from India’s Nag ATGM.

It is fitted with a HEAT warhead. It consists of a range of about 2.5 km. The missile consists of a length of about 1,300 mm and a diameter of about 120 mm. It also has a weight of 14.5 kg, with its CLU (Command Launch Unit) weighing 14.25 kg. It is equipped with an advanced IIR seeker with integrated avionics. The missile has full attack capability. It will reportedly compete with the systems such as FGM-148 Javelin and will be technologically more advanced than compared to the Spike (ATGM).

Jasmine anti-tank missile:

The VEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. proposed that they are capable of developing a third-generation ATM called ‘Jasmine’ in a short time as they had all the requisite technologies to develop it in-house.