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Irritated pilot draws

Irritated pilot draws penis in the sky after flight diversion from Sicily to Malta

By India Today Web Desk: A Lufthansa pilot allegedly created a 24 km long penis shape in the sky after being asked to divert his flight. On July 28, the pilot, who remains unnamed, was originally scheduled to fly from Frankfurt to Sicily. However, he was later instructed to land in Malta due to reduced operations at the Fontanarossa airport. It is believed that the pilot grew irritated over the change in schedule and drew the controversial shape in the airspace.

The inbound flight from Frankfurt was informed that it could not land at the Fontanarossa airport due to a terminal fire that occurred in July. The aircraft was flying eastward towards the Sicilian coast when it was asked to divert its course towards Malta. #Irritated pilot draws

The New York Post reported that the pilot allegedly became agitated over the need to stall the aircraft. Consequently, the plane flew in a manner that accidentally formed the shape of male genitalia while heading toward Malta. The maneuver took approximately 16 minutes to complete before the pilot redirected the aircraft back over Sicily and south towards Malta. #Irritated pilot draws

In response to the incident, Lufthansa stated to La Repubblica that the penis shape was created unintentionally as the pilot had to circle in the airspace before receiving instructions to divert. The sudden change in wind patterns allegedly caused the diversion.

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