NDA Salary 2024, Basic Pay, Allowances, and Other Benefits

NDA Salary 2024, Basic Pay, Allowances, and Other Benefits

NDA Salary 2024: The salary for NDA recruits will be determined according to the 7th pay commission within the pay matrix level 10. Those who qualify through the NDA exam will be entitled to a fixed stipend of Rs 56,100 across the three services—Army, Navy, and Air Force—during their three-year training period.

After training completion, NDA officers will receive various allowances such as dearness allowances, uniform allowances, and transport allowances. The maximum monthly salary for NDA officers will reach Rs 2,50,000 for the position of Chief of Army Staff (COAS). Explore this blog for comprehensive details on NDA salary 2024, including rank-wise pay scales, allowances, benefits, and more.

NDA Salary Structure 2024

The NDA Salary Structure 2024 includes components like basic pay, grade pay, allowances, deductions, gross salary, net salary, and more. Below is an outline of the NDA salary structure for the convenience of applicants.

Basic PayRs. 56,100 – Rs 1,77,500
Dearness Allowances17%
Military Service Pay (MSP)Rs. 15,500
House Rent Allowances8% to 24% of basic pay
Transport AllowancesRs. 3,600 to Rs. 7,200 based on job location and rank
NDA Salary Structure 2024

NDA Salary: Training Period 2024

During the three-year training period at the National Defence Academy (NDA) for Army, Navy, and Air Force services, selected candidates will receive salary benefits. It’s important to note that this training period will not be counted as a commissioned service. Upon successful commissioning, officers’ pay will be fixed in the first Cell of Level 10 in the pay matrix.

Below is the fixed stipend for cadet training at NDA:

Fixed StipendStipend AmountPay Level
Stipend for male/female Cadets throughout the training at NDARs 56,100/- p.mLevel 10
NDA Salary: Training Period 2024

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NDA Salary: Post 7th Pay Commission

Below is the rank-wise NDA salary post the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission for your reference:

NDA PostsNDA Pay ScaleNDA Pay Level
Stipend during IMA trainingRs 56,100Level 10
LieutenantRs 56,100 – Rs 1,77,500Level 10
CaptainRs 61,300 – Rs 1,93,900Level 10 B
MajorRs 69,400 – Rs 2,07,200Level 11
Lieutenant ColonelRs 1,21,200 – Rs 2,12,400Level 12A
ColonelRs 1,30,600 – Rs 2,15,900Level 13
BrigadierRs 1,39,600 – Rs 2,17,600Level 13A
Major GeneralRs 1,44,200 – Rs 2,18,200Level 14
LT General HAG ScaleRs 1,82,200 – Rs 2,24,100Level 15
HAG + ScaleRs 2,05,400 – Rs 2,24,400Level 16
VCOAS/Army CDr/Lt Gen (NFSG)Rs 2,25,000 (fixed)Level 17
COASRs 2,50,000 (fixed)Level 18
NDA Salary: Post 7th Pay Commission

NDA Salary: Military Service

In addition to their NDA salary, officers ranging from Lieutenant to Brigadier will receive Military Service Pay (MSP), as detailed below.

RankMilitary Service Pay (MSP)
LieutenantRs. 15,500 per month
CaptainRs. 15,500 per month
MajorRs. 15,500 per month
Lieutenant ColonelRs. 15,500 per month
ColonelRs. 15,500 per month
BrigadierRs. 15,500 per month
NDA Salary: Military Service

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NDA Salary 2024: Perks and Allowances

Apart from the designated UPSC NDA salary, candidates are entitled to various perks, allowances, and benefits integrated into their overall salary structure. Let’s explore the allowances and perks provided to NDA officers below.

Dearness AllowanceAdmissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as are applicable to civilian personnel from time to time
Para AllowanceRs 10,500/- pm
Para Reserve AllowanceRs 2,625/- pm
Para Jump Instructor AllowanceRs 10,500/- pm
Project AllowanceRs 3,400/- pm
Special Forces AllowanceRs 25,000/- pm
Technical Allowance (Tier-I)Rs 3,000/- pm
Technical Allowance (Tier-II)Rs 4,500/- pm
NDA Salary 2024: Perks and Allowances

Flying Allowance:

Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps will receive a flying allowance of Rs 25,000/- per month.

Field Areas Allowances:

Officers posted to Field Areas will receive the following allowances based on their rank and area of posting:

LevelHighly Active Field Area AllowanceField Area AllowanceModified Field Area Allowance
OfficersRs 16,900/- pmRs 10,500/- pmRs 6,300/- pm
Field Areas Allowances: NDA Salary 2024

High Altitude Allowance:

Officers will receive a High Altitude Allowance based on the following categories:

LevelCategory ICategory IICategory III
OfficersRs 3,400/- pmRs 5,300/- pmRs 25,000/- pm
High Altitude Allowance: NDA Salary 2024

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Counter Insurgency Allowance:

Officers will receive Counter Insurgency Allowance based on the following criteria:

LevelCounter Insurgency Allowance in Peace AreaCounter Insurgency Allowance in Field AreaCounter Insurgency Allowance in Modified Field Area
OfficersRs 10,500/- pmRs 16,900/- pmRs 13,013/- pm
Counter Insurgency Allowance: NDA Salary 2024

Transport Allowance (TPTA):

Transport Allowance for officers varies based on the pay level and the city of posting:

Pay LevelHigher TPTA Cities (Rs. Per month)Other Places (Rs. Per month)
OfficersRs. 7200+DA thereonRs. 3600+DA thereon
Transport Allowance (TPTA): NDA Salary 2024

These allowances provide additional support to officers based on various criteria such as duties performed, location of posting, and altitude.

NDA Other Allowances Benefits

In addition to the monthly NDA salary, candidates are advised to review the list of NDA other allowances and benefits provided below for their reference:

Siachen AllowanceRs 42,500/- per month
Uniform AllowanceRs 20,000/- per year
Ration in KindProvided in peace and field areas
Children Education AllowanceRs. 2250/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only. Admissible from Nursery to 12th Class
Hostel SubsidyRs 6,750 per month per child for the two eldest surviving children only. Admissible from Nursery to 12th Class
A Other Allowances Benefits

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NDA Salary 2024: Disability and Death

The NDA salary structure for 2024 in cases of disablement and death is provided below for the convenience of aspirants:

DisablementMonthly Ex-gratia amountRs. 9,000/- per month
Ex-gratia disability award (100% disability, subject to prorata reduction if less than 100%)Rs. 16,200/- per month
No disability award payable if degree of disablement is less than 20%
Constant Attendant Allowance (CAA) (for 100% disabled, based on recommendation of Invaliding Medical Board)Rs. 6,750/- per month
DeathEx-gratia amount to Next of Kin (NoK)Rs. 12.5 lakhs
Monthly Ex-gratia amount to Next of Kin (NoK)Rs. 9,000/- per month
NDA Salary 2024: Disability and Death

NDA Salary 2024: Insurance Policies

  • The Army Group Insurance Fund extends insurance coverage of Rs. 15 lakh to cadets upon payment of a one-time non-refundable premium of Rs. 7,200/- (subject to periodic revision) from the date of joining, covering the pre-commission training period of three years.
  • In the event of a cadet being relegated, an additional premium of Rs. 1,355/- (subject to periodic revision) per relegated term will be required.
  • Cadets invalidated by the Invalidating Medical Board (IMB) due to disability, without any pension benefits, will receive Rs. 15 lakhs for 100% disability. This sum will be proportionately reduced to Rs. 3 lakhs for a disability of 20%t.
  • Lady/Gentlemen Cadets receiving a stipend during pre-commission training are insured for Rs. One Crore, as applicable to regular Army officers.

NDA Career Progression and Promotion

Candidates who secure positions through the NDA exam can expect significant career advancement opportunities and job stability within the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Below is an outline of the career growth and promotion avenues within the NDA:

ArmyNavyAir ForceMinimum Reckonable Commissioned Service Required for Substantive Promotion
LieutenantSub LieutenantFlying OfficerOn Commission
CaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant2 Years
MajorLt. CommanderSquadron Leader6 Years
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander13 Years
Colonel (Selection)Captain (Selection)Group Captain (Selection)On Selection
Colonel (Time Scale)Captain (Time Scale)Group Captain (Time Scale)26 Years
BrigadierCommodoreAir CommodoreOn Selection
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice MarshalOn Selection
Lieutenant GeneralVice AdmiralAir Vice MarshalOn Selection
GeneralAdmiralAir Chief MarshalOn Selection
NDA Career Progression and Promotion

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In conclusion, the NDA salary structure for 2024 reflects the government’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding the dedication and sacrifice of its military personnel. With competitive pay, allowances, and a host of benefits, the NDA continues to attract the best and brightest talent, ensuring the nation’s defence remains in capable hands.