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Commander (retd.) TLP Babu

Commander (retd.) TLP Babu embarked on his distinguished career upon commissioning on January 1, 1983, serving the nation for 36 illustrious years before retiring on May 10, 2019. Throughout his tenure, Babu piloted various aircraft, showcasing his expertise and commitment to duty. From May 1989 to July 2007, he operated the TU 142M (185T) four-engine turboprop aircraft, followed by piloting the IL 38 (66T) and HS 748 (Avro) aircraft from January 1986 to December 1986 and January 1987 to May 1989, respectively. His flying experience spans a total of 3974 hours, with 2776 hours as a Pilot in Command.

Babu Sir’s exceptional contributions and bravery earned him the prestigious Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry) in 2001, recognizing his courage and skill in safely recovering an aircraft and crew during a challenging situation. 

He excelled in various courses, securing the first position in the Flight Safety and Accident Investigation Course and undertaking advanced courses in media communications and the Right to Information Act. Throughout his career, TLP Babu Sir held significant appointments, including Staff/Senior Pilot of premier MR/ASW Squadrons, Station Flight Safety Officer, Armed Forces Public Relations Officer, and Public Information Officer. He also made significant contributions as a Group Testing Officer (GTO), successfully completing the No. 207 Group Testing Officers course and assessing numerous candidates for selection to the Officers Cadre in the Indian Navy.

TLP Babu’s dedication extends beyond his military duties, as he actively engages in career counseling sessions for aspiring candidates looking to join the Armed Forces. A proficient orator fluent in English, Telugu, and Hindi, he continues to inspire and guide future generations. Currently residing in Hyderabad, Telangana, Babu remains committed to serving his community and country, reflecting his unwavering dedication and patriotism.