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SSB Expert

Commander Sudarshan Chakrapani Sir

Commander Sudarshan Chakrapani (Chax) boasts an extensive career spanning 36 years, marked by diverse experiences. With over 24 years of service in the Indian Navy, he navigated the waters aboard prestigious vessels such as Indian Naval Submarines Sindhughosh, Sindhuvir, and Sindhuvijay, as well as warships Darshak, Bhavnagar, Sindhudurg, Vidhyagiri, and Kavaratti. His tenure includes esteemed staff roles like Staff Officer (CINCAN), APAO (FOMA), and Officer in Charge NOM Varuna, alongside significant involvement in various SSBs.

Chax is a seasoned Interviewing Officer, wielding ample expertise in evaluating candidates within SSBs, instilling in them the ethos of resilience both in SSB and beyond. His track record boasts numerous triumphs in SSB coaching, a testament to his prowess in guiding aspirants towards success.