NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

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Eligibility Conditions

NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023: There are some medical conditions that are not acceptable and it will lead to the rejection of the application. Candidates must be aware of the following conditions in advance to avoid rejection. “#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

  • It must, however, be ensured that the candidate is in good health. 
  • There should be no evidence of weak constitution, imperfect development of any system, or any congenital deformities/ diseases/syndrome or malformation. 
  • No swelling/s including tumors/ cyst/ swollen lymph node/s anywhere on the body. No sinus/es or fistula/e anywhere on the body. 
  • No hyper or hypopigmentation or any other disease/syndrome/disability of the skin. 
  • No hernia anywhere on the body. 
  • No scars that can impair functioning and cause significant disfigurement.
  • No arterio-venous malformation anywhere in/on the body.
  • No malformation of the head and face including asymmetry, deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull; or scars indicating old operative interference and malformation like sinuses and fistulae, etc. 
  • No impairment of vision including color perception and field of vision. 
  • No hearing impairment, deformities/disabilities in-ears the vestibule-cochlear system. 
  • No impediment of speech due to any etiology. 
  • No disease/disability/ congenital anomaly/syndrome of the bones or cartilages of the nose, palate, nasal polyps, or disease of the nasoPharynx, uvula, and accessory sinuses. 
  • There should be no nasal deformity and no features of chronic tonsillitis. 
  • No disease of the digestive system including any abnormality of the liver, or pancreas in endocrinal, congenital, hereditary, or genetic diseases /syndromes and disabilities. 
  • No diseases/syndrome/disability of any endocrinal system, reticuloendothelial system. 
  • No diseases/ syndrome/ disability of genito-urinary system including malformations, atrophy/hypertrophy of any organ or gland. 
  • No active, latent or congenital venereal disease. 
  • No history or evidence of mental disease, epilepsy, incontinence of urine, or enuresis. 
  • No disease/deformity/syndrome of the musculoskeletal system and joints including skull, spine, and limbs.
  • There is no congenital or hereditary disease/ syndrome/disability.

NDA Medical and Physical Criteria: Dental Conditions

The presence of any of these dental conditions will lead to the rejection of the application:

  • Incipient pathological conditions of the jaws are progressive or recurrent. 
  • Significant jaw discrepancies between the upper and lower jaw which may hamper efficient mastication and/or speech will be a cause for rejection.
  • Symptomatic Temporo-Mandibular Joint clicking and tenderness. A mouth opening of less than 30 mm was measured at the incisal edges and the Dislocation of the TMJ on the wide opening. 
  • All potentially cancerous conditions. “#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023
  • Clinical diagnosis of submucous fibrosis with or without the restriction of mouth opening. 
  • Poor oral health status in the form of gross visible calculus, periodontal pockets, and/or bleeding from gums. 
  • Loose teeth: More than two mobile teeth will render the candidate unfit. 
  • Candidates who have undergone cosmetic or post-traumatic maxillofacial surgery/trauma will be considered UNFIT for at least 24 weeks from the date of surgery/injury.

NDA Physical Criteria: Spinal Conditions

The presence of any of these conditions will immediately render the candidate disqualified:

  • The granulomatous disease of the spine.
  • Arthritis/spondylosis (Rheumatoid arthritis and allied disorders / Ankylosing spondylitis / Osteoarthritis, spondylosis and degenerative joint disease / Non-articular rheumatism (e.g. lesions of the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, recurrent lumbago, etc.) & Miscellaneous disorders including SLE, polymyositis, vasculitis.
  • Spondylolisthesis/spondylolysis
  • Compression fracture of vertebrae
  • SC Heuerman’s disease (Adolescent kyphosis)
  • Loss of cervical lordosis when associated with clinically restricted movements of the cervical spine.
  • Unilateral / Bilateral cervical ribs with demon stable neurological or circulatory deficit.
  • Scoliosis measures more than 15 degrees as measured by Cobb’s method.
  • Degenerative Disc. Disease.
  • Presence of Schmorl’s nodes at more than one level.
  • Atlanto-occipital and atlantoaxial anomalies.
  • Hemi vertebrae and/or incomplete block (fused) vertebrae at any level in the cervical, dorsal or lumbar spine and complete block (fused) vertebrae at more than one level in the cervical or dorsal spine.
  • Unilateral Sacralisation or lumbarisation (Complete or incomplete) at all levels and bilateral incomplete sacralization or lumbarisation.

Any other abnormalities if and so considered by the specialist.

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NDA Physical Fitness: X-Ray Examination

There will be an x-ray performed to detect any of the below-mentioned conditions as the presence of any of these will disqualify the applicant for posts in Armed Forces:

  • The granulomatous disease of the spine.
  • Arthritis/spondylosis
  • Scoliosis is more than 15 degrees as measured by Cobb’s Method (10 degrees for Army and Navy).
  • More than mild Kyphosis/Lordosis
  • Spondylolisthesis / Spondylosis / Spondylolysis
  • Herniated nucleus pulposus.
  • Compression fracture of the Vertebra.
  • Sacralisation Disease
  • Cervical ribs with demonstrable neurological or Circulatory deficit.
  • Presence of Schmorl’s node at more than one level.
  • Atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial anomalies.
  • Incomplete Sacralisation Unilateral or Bilateral
  • Spina Bifida other than SV 1 and LV 5 if completely Sacralised
  • Any other abnormality, if so considered by specialist

NDA Physical Fitness: Visual Standards

  • The distance vision (corrected) of the candidate should be 6/6 in the better eye and 6/9 in the worse eye. 
  • Myopia should not be more than 2.5 D and hypermetropia not more than 3.5 D, including Astigmatism.
  • It must be remembered that an internal NDA exam of the eye will be done by means of an ophthalmoscope to rule out any possibility of eye diseases. 
  • Candidates must possess good binocular vision. The colour vision standard for the Army is (CP-III).
  • The ability to recognize red and green colours is vital. 
  • A certificate that neither the candidate nor any member of his family has suffered from congenital night blindness, will have to be produced.
  • Another noteworthy point is that candidates who have undergone Radial Keratotomy, to improve their visual acuity, or Laser Surgery, will be permanently rejected for all Services. 

The details of eyesight levels for different posts are provided below:

ConditionNavalAir Force
Uncorrected without glass6/66/6, 6/9
Corrected with glass6/66/6 (only for Hypermetropia)
Limits of Myopia-0.75Nil
Limits of Hypermetropia+1.5+2.00 D Sph
Limits of Colour PerceptionINil
Binocular VisionIIINil
Manifest MyopiaN.A.Nil Re
Retinoscopic MyopiaN.A.0.5
Colour VisionN.A.CP-I (MLT)
AstigmatismN.A.+0.75 Cyl (within + 2.0 D.Max)
Near VisionN.A.N-5 each eye
#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Eligibility Criteria #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Medical Standards & Procedures for Officers Entry into Navy

A candidate recommended by the Services Selection Board (SSB) will undergo an NDA medical exam (Special Medical Board) by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Only those candidates, who are declared fit by the Medical Board, will be admitted to the Academy. 

However, the President of the Medical Board will intimate the candidates declared unfit of their results and the procedure for an Appeal Medical Board (AMB) will be completed in a Command Hospital or equivalent within 42 days of the Special Medical Board.

  • Candidates who are declared unfit by the Appeal Medical Board (AMB) may request for Review Medical Board (RMB) within one day of completion of Appeal Medical Board.
  • The following investigations will be carried out mandatorily during the Special Medical Board. However, a candidate may ask for any other investigation as required or indicated:
  1. Complete Haemogram 
  2. Urine RE/ME 
  3. X-Ray chest PA views 
  4. USG abdomen & pelvis 

NDA Medical Conditions During Examination

During NDA Medical Examination, candidates must be physically and mentally fit as per the below statements.

  • The candidate is mentally sound and intelligent. The hearing is good and there is no sign of any disease of the ear, nose, or throat. 
  • Vision in each eye is up to the required standard. His/ her eyes are bright, clear, and with no obvious squint or abnormality. Movements of eyeballs should be full and free in all directions. 
  • Speech is without impediment. There is no glandular swelling. 
  • Chest is well-formed and his/her heart and lungs are sound. 
  • Limbs of the candidates are well-formed and fully developed. 
  • There is no evidence of hernia of any degree or form. 
  • There is free and perfect action of all the joints. Feet and toes are well-formed

Kerato Refractive Surgery: Those candidates who have undergone any refractive surgery such as PRK/LASIK/SMILE can be considered fit in every branch except submarine, diving & MARCO cadre. 

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Ear, Nose & Throat Standards for NDA Exam

An individual must know the required standards related to Ear, Nose & Throat in advance to avoid any last-minute hustle. The major requirements are.

  •  A candidate should be able to hear a forced whisper at a distance of 610 cm with each ear separately with back to the examiner.
  • The operation of tympanoplasty with or without cortical mastoidectomy for a dry central perforation of the tympanic membrane is considered curative once the graft has taken up provided tympanic membrane is intact, mobile with free field hearing of 610 cm in each ear 45 separately and a normal hearing threshold on pure tone audiometry. 
  • A gap of three months is considered adequate after operation of complete healing and graft stabilization.

Medical Eligibility #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Medical Eligibility for Flying & Ground Duty Branches

This section will cover the required medical standards for candidates to get eligible for commissioning through NDA into Flying & Ground Duty Branches in the IAF. All candidates during their induction should meet the basic physical fitness standards which will enable them to proficiently undergo the training and the subsequent service in varied climatic and work environments. 

A candidate will not be assessed physically fit unless the complete examination shows that he/ she is physically and mentally capable of withstanding the severe physical and mental strain for prolonged periods.

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General Physical Requirements for NDA in Air Force

Every candidate who is required to fulfil the below-given physical standards to become eligible for the NDA exam will be opting for the Air Force. The various physical standards are the following.

  • Spine injuries – Cases of old fractures of the spine are unfit. Any residual deformity of the spine or compression of a vertebra will be cause for rejection.
  • Nerve injuries – Injuries involving the trunks of the larger nerves, resulting in loss of function, or neuroma formation, which causes pain significant tingling, indicate unsuitability for employment in flying duties.
  • Surgical Scars – Minor well-healed scars for e.g. as resulting from any superficial surgery do not, per se, indicate unsuitability for employment. Extensive scarring of a limb or torso that may cause a functional limitation or unsightly appearance should be considered unfit. 
  • Birthmarks – Abnormal pigmentation in the form of hypo or hyper-pigmentation is not acceptable. Localized, congenital mole/ naevus, however, is acceptable provided its size is <10 cm. Congenital multiple naevi or vascular tumours that interfere with function or are exposed to constant irritation are not acceptable.
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#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Eligibility Criteria #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Height & Leg Length for Flying Branch 

Candidates need a minimum height of 162.5 cm for the Flying Branch. The detailed requirements of leg, thigh & sitting length are as follows.

Body PartMaximum Minimum
Sitting Height 81.5 cm96.0 cm 
Leg Length 99.0 cm120.0 cm 
Thigh Length64.0 cm.
#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Eligibility Criteria #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Body Weight Parameters

Most of the bodyweight parameters are similar for flying & ground duty. But, there are some essential points candidates must be aware of. These are:

(a) BMI should be below 27. 

(b) The waist Hip ratio must be below 0.9 for males and for females it is 0.8.

(c) Waist circumference should be less than 94 cm for males and 89 cm for females.

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Height-Weight Parameters for Males

The details of the required weight criteria for the male candidates applying for Flying and Ground Duty are given below.

Height (in cm)Weight in Kg
15-16 years16-17 years17-18 years18-19 years
#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Eligibility Criteria #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

Height-Weight Parameters for Females

The female aspirants of flying and ground duty branches have to fill the following weight requirements based on their height to be eligible.

Height (in cm)Weight in Kg
15-16 years16-17 years17-18 years18-19 years
#NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023

NDA Eligibility Criteria #NDA Other Eligibility and Conditions 2023