NAVY CONSTABULARY ROLE: Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

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The increasing incidences of maritime crime have brought into sharp focus, the constabulary role that navies have to perform. The significance of this role may be gauged from the fact that for a third of the world’s navies, this is a major facet of their functioning. In the constabulary role, forces are employed to enforce law of the land or to implement a regime established by an international mandate. Force is only employed for self-defense or as a last resort in the execution of this role. The protection and promotion of India’s maritime security are one of the prime responsibilities of the Indian Navy. This includes a constabulary element, especially where it relates to threats that involve the use of force at sea. The range of tasks that the Indian Navy has to undertake in the constabulary role range from Low-Intensity Maritime Operations (LIMO) to maintaining good order at sea. This further includes an aspect of coastal security, as part of India’s overall maritime security. Constabulary tasks at sea are neither the primary nor the sole mandate of the #Indian Navy. With the establishment of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) in February 1977, law enforcement aspects of the constabulary role within the Maritime Zones of India (MZI) have been transferred to the ICG. Security in major harbors and ports is the purview of the port authorities, aided by customs and immigration agencies. Constabulary tasks beyond the MZI are vested with the Indian Navy. Efficient and effective maritime constabulary requires proper and seamless coordination between the various maritime law enforcement and regulatory agencies. After the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November 2008, the responsibility for overall maritime security has been mandated to the Indian Navy, in close coordination with the ICG, State Marine Police, and other Central/ State government and port authorities.

NAVY CONSTABULARY ROLE: Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow


  • Coastal and Offshore Security
  • Security of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Good Order at Sea


  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Counter Threats from Non-State Actors


  • Counter Infiltration
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Anti-Trafficking