90 Days Study Plan to Crack the NDA 2 2024 Exam

90 Days Study Plan to Crack the NDA 2 2024 Exam

The prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) beckons! With the NDA 2 2024 exam on the horizon (assuming the exam is on September 1st, 2024), you have 90 days to study and plan to crack the NDA 2 2024 exam for success. This 90 days study plan to crack the NDA 2 2024 exam blog lays out a comprehensive study plan to help you conquer the written exam and inch closer to your dream of becoming a commissioned officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

This 90 days study plan to crack the NDA 2 2024 exam focuses on three key phases: Syllabus Completion, Extensive Revision, and Mock Tests & Previous Years’ Questions (PYQs). Remember, consistency and a well-structured approach are paramount for success.

90-Days Detailed Study Plan for NDA 2 2024 Exam

45 DaysJune 1 – July 15Syllabus Completion
30 DaysJuly 16 – August 14Extensive Revision
15 DaysAugust 15 – August 31Mock Tests and PYQs
90 Days Study Plan to Crack the NDA 2 2024 Exam

With the NDA 2 2024 exam scheduled for September 1st, 2024, beginning your preparations on June 1st leaves you with a comfortable 45-day window to thoroughly cover the entire syllabus. Following this, allocate the subsequent 30 days for revision to reinforce your understanding. As the exam draws nearer, dedicate the final 15 days to practicing with mock tests and past exam questions. This structured approach ensures thorough readiness for the NDA 2 2024 exam, enabling you to secure satisfactory marks in the written assessment.

Phase 1: NDA Syllabus Completion {Days 1-45 (June 1 – July 15)}

This phase covers a duration of 45 days, commencing on June 1st and concluding on July 15th. Utilize this timeframe to concentrate on finishing your NDA exam syllabus 2024.

  • Gather Resources: Begin by collecting all the necessary resources like NCERT books for Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and Polity. Utilize NDA-specific guidebooks and online resources for comprehensive coverage.
  • Subject-wise Strategy:
    • Mathematics: Focus on mastering the basics of Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, and Statistics. Practice regularly to improve speed and accuracy.
    • Science: Cover Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from NCERT textbooks. Pay close attention to diagrams, experiments, and important formulae.
    • General Ability Test (GAT): This section covers English, Current Affairs, Logic, and Reasoning. For English, brush up on grammar and vocabulary. Develop a reading habit for Current Affairs by following credible news sources and magazines. Practice solving reasoning and logic problems to improve analytical thinking.
    • Social Studies: Focus on History, Geography, and Polity from NCERT textbooks. Utilize maps and historical timelines for better understanding.

Phase 2: Extensive Revision {Days 46-75 (July 16 – Aug 14)}

This period extends for 30 days, from July 16th to August 14th. Upon completing the syllabus, allocate this time for comprehensive revision.

  • Consolidate Learning: Revise the completed syllabus thoroughly. Make short notes, flowcharts, and mind maps to aid memorization.
  • Focus on Weak Areas: Identify topics you struggled with in Phase 1. Dedicate extra time to understand these concepts and practice related questions.
  • Sample Papers & Previous Years’ Questions (PYQs): Start practicing with sample papers and PYQs to get familiar with the exam format, question types, and time management. Analyze your performance and identify areas needing further improvement.

Phase 3: Mock Tests & Previous Years’ Questions {Days 76-90 (Aug 15 – Aug 31)}

This phase encompasses 15 days, commencing on August 15th and concluding on August 31st. As the exam approaches, devote this final phase to intensive practice with mock tests and solving past years’ question papers. 

  • Intensified Practice: Take mock tests regularly under timed conditions. Analyze your performance after each test, identify recurring mistakes, and work towards rectifying them.
  • Focus on Speed & Accuracy: Time management is crucial in the NDA exam. Practice mock tests and PYQs to improve your speed and accuracy while solving questions.
  • Stay Updated: Continue staying updated on current affairs through newspapers, news channels, and credible online sources.
  • Maintain Positivity & Well-being: Take breaks to avoid burnout. Ensure good sleep, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise to maintain physical and mental well-being during this crucial phase.

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FAQs related to 90 Days Study Plan to Crack the NDA 2 2024 Exam

Here are some anticipated FAQs regarding a 90-day study plan for the NDA 2 2024 exam:

Q. 1. Is a 90-day plan enough to crack the NDA exam?

Ans. 90 days study Plan to crack the NDA 2 2024 exam can be effective for focused and determined students, especially if they have a strong academic foundation. However, it depends on your current knowledge level. If you need to build a strong base in core subjects, you might need to start earlier.

Q. 2. How many hours should I study daily?

Ans. There’s no magic number for daily study hours. Consistency is key. Aim for realistic daily or weekly targets and track your progress. Focus on quality studying over long, unproductive hours.

Q.3. What should the daily schedule look like?

Ans. The ideal schedule varies based on your learning style. Here’s a possible structure:

  • Morning: Dedicate time to fresh and demanding subjects like Mathematics or Science.
  • Afternoon: Focus on subjects that require memorization or revision like History or Geography.
  • Evening: Take practice tests, analyze mistakes, and revise unclear concepts.
Q.4. What resources should I use for preparation?


  • NCERT textbooks for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, and Economics.
  • NDA exam-specific guidebooks and practice papers from reputed publishers.
  • Online resources like mock tests, previous year question papers with solutions.
  • Consider coaching institutes if needed for structured learning and guidance.
Q.5. How can I stay motivated throughout the 90 days?


  • Set achievable goals and reward yourself for reaching them.
  • Find a study partner or group for discussions and motivation.
  • Maintain a healthy routine with proper sleep, exercise, and balanced meals.
  • Visualize your success in the NDA and the life you aspire to lead.

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